Bridgnorth Sewage Action Group: Open Reply to John Harmeston (email 23/2/07)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Open Reply to John Harmeston (email 23/2/07)

Dear Mr Harmeston,

Thank you for your letter of the 19th January, saying that David Parish would look into our concerns.

I have to say I was somewhat surprised to see Tom Clark quoted in the Shropshire Star yesterday saying "We need to proceed with the work to ensure all the plants are compliant with the requirements of the Environment Agency" as this seems to disregard the result of the meeting you had with your surveyors at Brick Kiln Lane where the proposed work was agreed to be unnecessary. It also effectively says that the current state of the works does not meet the requirements of the Environment Agency which is contrary to the terms of the contracts you have with the residents. I have to assume that Tom Clark has been mis-quoted and that you are considering our objections and that the plants do meet legal requirements.

I was also very concerned to hear that only two days after receipt of my last letter you started work at the Neenton plant; riding roughshod over the the wishes of local residents. I do not believe that any of our members want to take legal action, all want a fair and reasonable settlement; however the actions of your officers show that this is not also the objective of the Council.

The Bridgnorth Sewage Action Group has 55 members on the following sewage plants: Boningale, Chetton, Eudon George, Kinlet, Sutton Maddock (Vicarage Lane, Brook View and Brick Kiln Lane) , Bourton, Weston, Neen Savage, Neenton, and Shipton. According to the list BDC sent me on the 15th June these plants have 58 private properties whih means we have the support of about 95% of the people affected in those schemes.

Yours Sincerely
Justin White
Bridgnorth Sewage Action Group


Blogger Justin said...

Email received 23/2/07 17:47

Mr White

Thank you for the details of membership in your email of 23 February.

I note your comments about the article in the Shropshire Star and the Neenton plant. These will be addressed in Mr Parish's response.

John Harmeston
Chief Executive

5:56 pm  

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